Sunday, March 23, 2014

16km that become 9km due to glute pain

My right glute has been bugging me all night and all day.  We have brought a small tens machine for use at home and so I used that last night, not sure if this will help but anything is better than nothing.

We spent the at Harbour Town, went to the movies and saw I, Frankenstein (totally FANTASTIC movie) and then wandered about shopping and buying some much need training socks.  I got home at 4pm and so headed out to do the 16km on my program.  I did quickly chat to my coach and told him my glute was sore, but he didnt seem to phased by it and told me to enjoy the walk.  So I headed out but I did tell him that if it hurt I would be stopping.

The first km chirped off about 200m too soon.  I didnt think my watch had found satellites so I think it used the foot pod ?? or it was just wonkey.... so my first km was actaully 6:15...NOT the 5:49 my watch says.  But anyhow putting this aside I was actually feeling pretty good.   Body was moving well and freely and I was actually feeling pretty smooth and fast.  I was sitting on 6:10 per km pace and it was feeling easy.  I opted again to do the walkway 4 x.    I had even picked up a runner who was staying at my pace and just ticking along beside me ... so for a while I had company :) yaya.  I turned at the 6km mark and had to dodge a kid on his bike - so I was kinda off foot so to speak and had to jump to the right and pretty much jump over the kid to save both him and me crashing.  I carried on but by the time I had gone 500m my glute and tfl was hurting.  Not aching but actually hurting.  I finished my 7th km keeping the same pace but I felt I was kinda limping so I slowed for the 8th km and knew then I was not going to be able to do 16km..... So I race walked to home and stopped my watch when it chimed off at 9km.

So now its Ice and the Tens Machine plus the ball.  I have a dr appointment tomorrow so I will get the dr to check out my glute as I am tired of this pain.  I do know that every morning I wake up with such a sore back (our nice new bed has sunk after only a year and leaving us both with sore backs in the morning)  So perhaps my back is out.

9km data

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