Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 x 300m repeats at track

I made it to the track for my next speed session. Robyn had decided it would be 10 x 300m..... well this will be interesting as I have never done such short distance before.

Robyn is training Cardia.  She is a very quick junior and is heading off to secondary school champs.  (I think thats what it is)

I was not too sure what I was going to be able to do.  I dont feel that I have any kind of speed in me yet.  I still had Cardia and Paul to chase so that would help.

Amazingly my hip held up through this. The pain has crept down into my IT band but its bearable.

Most of my 300m were 1:28 and I am super happy with that.  I cant believe that for as hard as I was pushing myself my heart rate got to a max of 167

10 x 300m repeats at track

Sunday, October 21, 2012

5000m Masters Track Walk

I had a bad day on Saturday stomach wise and was umming and arrrhing as to whether I would do this race.  I figured I would see how i felt when I got up at 6.30am.

I woke and felt achy but figured what the hell.  At worst it would be a training walk. I love the warmth here but the humidity is something I am getting used to.  Today at the track it was a good 22 degs and 81% humidity when we started.  I set out at a pace I felt I could hold for the 5km but by 2km I was sapped.  By 3km I felt like someone had attached a Tyre to me to drag around.

I had paul ahead of me and I tried to pick it up for the last two kms and catch him but I was beat.  I managed to half the distance between us but couldn't catch him.

Total time was 29:27  and I am happy with that.  Faster than last 5000m on track so thats a good thing.  Hip is still achy but will ice it today and see how we go.  Need to drop about 5kg and get some help with my form ... and that is all achievable.

5000m Masters Track Walk

Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 x 500m at the Track

Sucker for punishment that I am, I turned up at the track for a second speed session.

Todays walk was 7 x 500m - Cripes........I think I have one speed muscle somewhere and its already run away crying.

We started out and I felt ok.  I tried to push as hard as I could and I also tried to lengthen my stride and try to get some speed going and a better style.  By the 3rd rep I was really feeling it and starting to struggle.  It was hot and humid and my lack of fitness and any fast twitch muscles....I was really pushing hard to keep going.

But as per usual....when you get to only 2 to go you suddenly become bullet proof and feel good again. 

so here are my 7 laps

My max heart rate got up to 173 - which is not bad really.  I can only get faster from here on in.

7 x 500m

5 x 600m at the track

I decided I would head back to the track and join in with the other walkers.  I need some major motivation and I figured that just being around the others would help kick start me.

The annoying part of the journey is ...its only 22km but it takes 55mins in the traffic.  This is a new thing for me to have to deal with and I am sure I will adjust.

I had also gone to the gym the night before and had a heavy leg session.  My legs felt like lead and for my 3 laps to warm up ... I was heard doing the ouch ouch ouch as the blood made its way down to the quads. lol

The track session went surprisingly well...considering how unfit I am.  I had two walkers in front and two behind me ... a perfect mix.

My 5 x 600m are as follows


I decided I need to push myself harder so on the last one I went for it.  Now I need to push like that for each of them.  So I will head back again on thursday and try my hand at 500m.... coolies :)

avg heart rate was actually lower than I thought it would be at 156 bpm

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

5km kickdown on treadmill

I really wanted to walk out on the walk way and do a fartlek tonight but by the time I got home from work it was dark and I am still not that comfortable out on the walk way all alone.  I did think about driving out to the track but that would take about 35 to 40mins and everyone would be gone by the time I got there.

So my next option was the treadmil down stairs.  So I decided to try and do a kickdown on it.

It went ok too...but gosh it was hard work.  I started out at 10km and then at the first km I clicked up to 10.2km and from there I click up for each km to finish my last km on 10.5km/hour.

I went really well but I forgot to press lap on my last km.  It gets REALLY stuffy in the gym room so next time I will open the bi fold doors right up.  But I figured its good practice for humidity etc.

so total walk done in 29mins.  I am very happy with that.

5km kickdown on treadmill

Sunday, October 07, 2012

5000m masters track walk

 Its been a scorcher this breaking the hottest day record with it hitting 33 degs

Masters track summer season has started and so it was up at 6.30am and heading to the track for a 7.30am race start.  I really am not a morning person and so find it hard to fire up so early.  Plus with going out for a brisk power walk the night before my hip was nagging at me all night so hence very little sleep!  but that is a typical story for me so really nothing new there.... lol

I have not raced a 5000m in ages so was not really looking for anything to exciting.  I just wanted to finish and said to my self that I would be happy if I got 30mins.  HA .. who am I trying to kid here!!!!

About 10 of us lined up and started.  After 200m I took the lead spot and held that for the race.  It was so humid and hot ... especially over in the far corner? and I remember it was the same last time and not really sure what that is about.  I picked a pace that felt comfortable.  My hip was complaining but it did settle once I got warmed up.  At about the 3000m mark the heat started sapping me of energy and I started to slow down, plus my stomach reared its ugly head for a couple of laps.   I made sure I drank and dumped water over my head to try to cool down.  (my cell phone told me the temp was 22 but it felt way hotter than that on the track) 

I set my eyes on a few of the walkers that I were about to lap and tried to pick up my pace to catch them.  It did help but not by much.  I was very pleased to finish as I was beat.  Totally slogged the last 2km.

time was 29:23 for an avg pace of 5.43 with an avg heart rate of 161 (yep def not fit!!!)

I can just hope that I can better this for Pan Pacific Games.

5000m masters track walk