Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 x 600m at the track

I decided I would head back to the track and join in with the other walkers.  I need some major motivation and I figured that just being around the others would help kick start me.

The annoying part of the journey is ...its only 22km but it takes 55mins in the traffic.  This is a new thing for me to have to deal with and I am sure I will adjust.

I had also gone to the gym the night before and had a heavy leg session.  My legs felt like lead and for my 3 laps to warm up ... I was heard doing the ouch ouch ouch as the blood made its way down to the quads. lol

The track session went surprisingly well...considering how unfit I am.  I had two walkers in front and two behind me ... a perfect mix.

My 5 x 600m are as follows


I decided I need to push myself harder so on the last one I went for it.  Now I need to push like that for each of them.  So I will head back again on thursday and try my hand at 500m.... coolies :)

avg heart rate was actually lower than I thought it would be at 156 bpm

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