Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 x 500m at the Track

Sucker for punishment that I am, I turned up at the track for a second speed session.

Todays walk was 7 x 500m - Cripes........I think I have one speed muscle somewhere and its already run away crying.

We started out and I felt ok.  I tried to push as hard as I could and I also tried to lengthen my stride and try to get some speed going and a better style.  By the 3rd rep I was really feeling it and starting to struggle.  It was hot and humid and my lack of fitness and any fast twitch muscles....I was really pushing hard to keep going.

But as per usual....when you get to only 2 to go you suddenly become bullet proof and feel good again. 

so here are my 7 laps

My max heart rate got up to 173 - which is not bad really.  I can only get faster from here on in.

7 x 500m

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