Sunday, October 07, 2012

5000m masters track walk

 Its been a scorcher this breaking the hottest day record with it hitting 33 degs

Masters track summer season has started and so it was up at 6.30am and heading to the track for a 7.30am race start.  I really am not a morning person and so find it hard to fire up so early.  Plus with going out for a brisk power walk the night before my hip was nagging at me all night so hence very little sleep!  but that is a typical story for me so really nothing new there.... lol

I have not raced a 5000m in ages so was not really looking for anything to exciting.  I just wanted to finish and said to my self that I would be happy if I got 30mins.  HA .. who am I trying to kid here!!!!

About 10 of us lined up and started.  After 200m I took the lead spot and held that for the race.  It was so humid and hot ... especially over in the far corner? and I remember it was the same last time and not really sure what that is about.  I picked a pace that felt comfortable.  My hip was complaining but it did settle once I got warmed up.  At about the 3000m mark the heat started sapping me of energy and I started to slow down, plus my stomach reared its ugly head for a couple of laps.   I made sure I drank and dumped water over my head to try to cool down.  (my cell phone told me the temp was 22 but it felt way hotter than that on the track) 

I set my eyes on a few of the walkers that I were about to lap and tried to pick up my pace to catch them.  It did help but not by much.  I was very pleased to finish as I was beat.  Totally slogged the last 2km.

time was 29:23 for an avg pace of 5.43 with an avg heart rate of 161 (yep def not fit!!!)

I can just hope that I can better this for Pan Pacific Games.

5000m masters track walk

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