Thursday, September 27, 2012

treadmill and 8.5km on the walkway

WEDS night - 5km kick down on the complex treadmill in 29:55
Started 2km on 9.5km/hr, 2km at 10km/hr, 500m 10.5km/hr and 500m 11km/hr

THURS night
Shane came along on the bike to keep me company tonight as Kay was unable to join me.

I started out and instantly felt off.   I felt 5kg heavier and my body just felt tight and sore.  I was trying hard to settle in to the walk and just get my rhythm going.  But I really felt like I was flogging a dead horse.  About 3 km into it and my stomach decided to rear its ugly head......I continued on to the 4.3 km turn around and stopped for a few minutes.  I managed to easy the cramping and continue on again.  The following few kms were achy and my tummy continued to grumble.

Shane passed me water as we went along.  It was warm tonight (not the hottest) but still I really struggled.  It might be due to a hard 5km session on the treadmill last night...perhaps I had not recovered from that.

Total time 52.16 AVG pace was 6.09 avg heart rate 156

8.5km on the walkway

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