Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3000m Track Masters Walk and a catch up

Well its been a wee while.  As many of you know, I am unable to train hard at present and am not meant to be racing .....hard..... so far this month my tummy has settled a little.  The change in diet has helped but I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times and yes....I have paid the price a few days later.  I am still on the waiting list at the Gold Coast Hospital and am told I could be called any day or with in 6months....sighs.  So my training is down to treadmills for 5km, nice gentle walks with Kay and the odd "race" or long walk in the weekend.  The plus side of all this is I am again finding my love for the gym.  So I have been back pressing weights gain 2 or 3 times a week.

Last weekend it was the Queensland Club Prize giving but as it was on the other side of Brisbane (1.5 hour drive) I decided to flag it and instead support the masters club that I have just joined.  Their track event clashed with the other club, but it was near by and easier for me to get too.  I was presented my first trophy .... Kay collected it for me.  I won the 10km Open Women Club Walk

Race started at 7.30am and it was already 24 degs and high humidity.  I have not met any of the Masters Athletes so it was nice to get down to the track and say hello.  Turned out I was going to be the only walker and that there were two joggers doing the 3000m walk/run too.......Great!!! I kinda figured I would be left behind them.  The gun goes off and the female jogger hits the front and the guy sits behind me.  After 1km the lady jogger was only 20m ahead of me so I decided to try and close the gap.  By 2 km the guy was almost half a lap behind me and I was only 3 m behind the lady jogger.  I had picked a pace I felt good at....I was not pushing hard and I couldn't even if I had wanted too....my lungs were struggling to get air in.  Not that I was breathing hard....just this flu/cold has left me with an asthmatic type glunky cough.  As I rounded the final 200m the lady jogger found a last burst of speed and I couldnt keep up.  She beat me by 1 second.  She thanked me after the race and said how very odd it felt to know that a walker could have beaten her.  lol

so my avg pace was 5:40 and my avg heart rate was 161.......kinda high but not as high as I expected.
3000m Track Masters Walk

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