Sunday, October 21, 2012

5000m Masters Track Walk

I had a bad day on Saturday stomach wise and was umming and arrrhing as to whether I would do this race.  I figured I would see how i felt when I got up at 6.30am.

I woke and felt achy but figured what the hell.  At worst it would be a training walk. I love the warmth here but the humidity is something I am getting used to.  Today at the track it was a good 22 degs and 81% humidity when we started.  I set out at a pace I felt I could hold for the 5km but by 2km I was sapped.  By 3km I felt like someone had attached a Tyre to me to drag around.

I had paul ahead of me and I tried to pick it up for the last two kms and catch him but I was beat.  I managed to half the distance between us but couldn't catch him.

Total time was 29:27  and I am happy with that.  Faster than last 5000m on track so thats a good thing.  Hip is still achy but will ice it today and see how we go.  Need to drop about 5kg and get some help with my form ... and that is all achievable.

5000m Masters Track Walk

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