Monday, March 03, 2014

6km Treadmill

Boy have I been through the wringer this weekend.  I have lost 2 days of my training at a most critical time.  I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and this weekend it REALLY flaired up.  It left me curled up on the couch in agony.  I was unable to stand upright so walking was not an option.

Today I was to see how I felt and do 6km but my stomach was still feeling very tender and I knew I was not going to be able to walk out on the road.  So my option was the treadmill.

The walk felt easy - but it usually does on a treadmill.  You push in your pace and then just go.  I felt comfortable at the pace I first picked but at 3km decided to start to up it a little.  Body was feeling good, no niggles in my hips or back - so that is GREAT.  At 5km my stomach started to ache and slowly got sorer and sorer.  As I knew it was only 500m to go I gritted my teeth and pushed through.  It was not agony or sharp pains.......just a deep ache like a deep bruise.

I was pleased my legs felt nice and fresh so I am hopeful I will get a good walk done tomorrow at the track.

total time for 6km was 36:51 with avg heartrate of 147

I am really pleased to see that I have calibrated my foot pod correctly....tonight was the first time it has read and measured the same distance and the treadmill showed.

6km data

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