Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 x 400m

I was really keen to give the walk a good crack.  I know I needed the speed work but was nervous of how my fitness would hold up.  I also had my B12 injection last keen to see if it helps.

While my stomach decided to go into knots after lunch I was still determined to put that aside and go hard.  When I got to the track I was thrilled to see Jess Pickles there.  It was just going to be Me, Katya and Jess which would be so awesome as they would both help push me.  We all warmed up together  and then had a good stretch session.  It was decided that as I was doing 400m's - Jess and Katya would do 500's and chase me down.

First 400m and I went out way to fast trying hard to keep both girls at bay.  I crossed just as they were about to pass me ... LOL ....  2:02 and I nearly folded myself in two I was gasping.  90 secs and I lined up again but it was too soon for the girls so they were going to wait for my next one.

Next few and we all started off at the same time but Jess would continue for 100m at the finish.  It was so nice having her there zipping past me.

Me on the other hand.....I would make it to 200m in 1 min flat but by 300m I was struggling on keeping my legs turning over.  I felt they just left my body and went to sleep.  I would loose a good 8 secs in the second 200m which is terrible.  My fitness is really lagging and I also have never been a sprinter!!!

I was pleased to say I got my 8 done but was totally dead by then.  An hour later at home and my legs are hurting..... adductor's are so so sore!  Will be an interesting couple of days.

2.08 (not 2.13 as on the watch as the lap button didnt work for 3 pushes)
2.08 (not 2.11 as lap didnt work so I hit stop)

max heart rate was 164 which is a good sign.

8 x 400m

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