Tuesday, February 11, 2014

8km that become a 5km

I got sick on Sunday night.  Not sure why but I was woken at 3am and new I was about to be sick but worse than that........both ends what to erupt simultaneously.   Lucky for me Shane had woken at the same time and raced off to get me a bucket and hold my hair.................(yep he's a keeper)

This has left me totally drained and also given me a nasty headache that I know will be from dehydration.

I spoke to me coach before heading to the track and told him how I felt but that I would head to the track and try for the 8km.  He was kind and sensible and replied with just do what you can do.

I warmed up with a couple of laps and then just got stuck in.  My first problem occured when I completed my first km....I hit stop not lap..... and didnt discover this until I had gone 500m so I stopped and walked back to the 1km mark and started my watch and set out on my 2nd km.  My head was just not in it.  My legs were turning over but it was a grind and I was really just going through the motions.  I kept saying...its just one more km....trying to trick myself into doing that "one more Km" 6 more times......but as each km ticked over I was getting slower and slower.  Winding down like an old watch.

I was flogging a dead horse and new that no good was going to come out of my continuing.  So at 5km I pulled the pin.  Its not often I do this and I am always wracked with guilt as I feel I have let my coach down and my self.  I picked myself up by telling myself that I at least gave it a go and managed to go further than half way.

my time for 5km was 31:29

5000m data

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