Friday, February 07, 2014

5000m Fartlek

Well Wednesday and I am back at the chemist trying to figure out some different medicine for my stomach issues.  I was given a stimulant laxative and told only to use once a week.  I took them at lunch time and I can assure you that by 9pm that night THESE really worked...and worked.....and worked.

Thursday is my fartlek day and with my tummy still being a little dodgy I was not 100% sure how I would cope.  I warmed up and noticed that my right knee was a touch tender but my stomach was in knots and was NOT happy about walking.  It was drizzling lightly which made the track slippery.  I started out and tried to power up for my first fast lap.  I just couldnt get anything flowing.  My hips were stiff because my tummy hurt ... which made my knee hurt....which made my hammy hurt.  For my first slow 500m I adjusted my footing and caught my breath....then amped up again for the next fast section.  I was struggling to get footing as I was finding it slippery.  It was better when it did rain heavier.  

After 2km I was starting to feel sick and my stomach was starting to cramp up.  I was seriously thinking about stopping.  At 3km I did stop ... I checked my self over and got a drink of water.  I knew that the cramps were only air and nothing bad...the nausea has stopped so I figured it was only 2km to go and I could do that.  So I started up again and felt a little smoother this time.  I really concentrated on pushing with my glutes and trying to keep my knee low and in line with my foot.   (I am told that during this walk my right foot was very floppy and was flicking about alot)

I did manage to finish and I did manage to push all the niggles to the back of my mind so they didnt bother me too much.  Now I know that my mum will be reading this and saying "why didnt you just stop if you were hurting"  my answer..... If that were a race I would not have that option ... I have to know that I can push through it and know that I am not causing my self harm.  Most athletes push through some kind of pain at some stage of training.

So my time for my 5000m was actually not too bad for all of the above  29:16

5000m data here

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