Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3km Fartlek and 4 x 500m

For as tough as this walk was...I did enjoy it.  Feels good to push yourself sometimes.

I did 3 laps to warm up and chatted to the other walkers briefly.  They all started out for their 1500m and I started my 3km behind was good to chase them all down and I even managed to catch and pass Paul....which I had not expected.  My first km was in 5:26 and so I was happy with that.  I slowed for my first recovery but knew I had slowed to much.  My breathing was hard, my throat was raw.  I started up again for me next fast and managed to pick up ok.  I pushed fairly hard for the next two kms and was happy enough with total time of 17:20 for a 3km fartlek.

Now I had a 4 min break before starting my 4 x 500ms   I kinda figured my throat was hurting so much from the dusty trial ride....either that or from leaving the air con on all night.  The first couple of 500's felt ok....tough but ok ...  2.47  & 2.45

the next two started to get way tougher.  I felt like I lost control of my legs...they were thrashed and just wouldnt do what I asked of them.  I put in all my effort on the last 500m and managed to get a good strong finish.   2.49  &  2.40

I know I have put in a good efffort tonight as I cant stop coughing.  I used to get a runny nose or an annoying cough when I put in hard effort in my speed sessions.  I just hope the cough goes away tonight or it will annoy everyone tomorrow.

Heart rate is starting to stay lower so shows my fitness is slowly returning.

3km fartlek and 4 x 500m

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