Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 km fartlek

I knew this was going to be tough.

1 - for some reason my  back was very sore.  Just muscular..up both sides of the spine.  The only thing I could think off was the 5km normal walk I did on Monday?

2 - my stomach was bloated and very sore all day.

but still i was going to the track to give it 100%

I got to the track and mentally I was just not with it.  I had made a phone call that gave me some news I was not prepared for.  While the news was actually really fantastic, I was not prepared for how it left me feeling...........  hurt and more lonely than ever.  I tried to pull myself together as I know that come a race day I cant let this get to me...but today I had no chance.

I started out good and finished the first km in 5:28  ... but I stopped and gave myself a good stern talk.... I then continued...............but at the finish of the 2nd km...I again had to stop and again give myself a swearing and telling off.  Mentally I was loosing it BIG TIME.

I carried on and slowed dramatically ......but kept it together until my last km...where my recovery 500 went to 3:16 and the fast was 2.52 ... I blew it.  I know that tomorrow I will be fine...but 1000 things were going through my mind as I walked and I just couldnt concentrate on my workout.

I walked off the track totally shattered.....both physically and mentally............... not sure where I can go from here.

Total time for the 5km was 29.32  ... so not my worst but not my best.

5km data

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