Sunday, February 02, 2014

10km recovery walk on the treadmill

I was meant to do 12km today but when I woke up my stomach was really having issues so there was no chance of attempting any kind of a walk.  Plus I had an eye exam at 11.30am so if I had not started my walk by 8am I was going to run out of time to do it.

It also meant I was able to watch the live twitter feed and get updates from Jim about the 20km race in Hobart.  Such a nail biting finish with many surprise DQ's - I am told there were so many DQ's they  had to use a second board - I wonder if having a judging course the day before had anything to do with the judges being rather over zealous?

I was hoping to walk later in the day but my stomach had other ideas and kept me pretty much house bound for the day.  I managed to catch a moment with Jim and he actually was going to let me have a rest day but I dont want to miss walks and so I asked if I could try on the treadmill.  He agreed and just said to do one of either....12km or when my stomach says no more.

At 4.30pm I went down to the gym and set my self up on the treadmill.  Hit go on my music and hit go on the treadmill.  I set the speed to 9.5km/hour and just ticked along on that.  It was a comfortable pace (6.20 per km)  5km comes and goes.....I am sweating alot and was getting tired.  By 7km my stomach started gurgling and giving me a couple of good sharp pains.   At 8km I was thinking of calling it quits but I thought I could hold on to get at least 10km out.  By 9.5km I was feeling abit sore in my shins and hips and my stomach was positively growling so I was very pleased to stop my watch at 10km.

I had tried to change the calibration of my foot pad but it needs to be pulled back even more.  As my watch tried to tell me I had walked over 11km.

My time for 10km was 1:03:13 and avg heart rate of 151 now I can have a rest day tomorrow....Yay!

10km data

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