Sunday, February 09, 2014

5000m Heather Doherty Trophy Masters Race

Woke up at 6.30am and quickly dressed and did my best to ignore all the little aches and pains.  The biggest ache is the tips of my toes and then my tfl was just a touch niggly.  I just kept reminding my self that the bigger goal of the weekend was the 14km and today is just what ever I can do.

It was over cast so I hoped it would remain at 23 degs....would make for a much nicer race.  (It did but with rain looming the humidity shot up to 80%)

I love the social aspect of the Masters races.  We all warm up and have a great chat and catch up from the last time we all saw each other.  I love the banter and the jokes and how every one calls out hello and looks out for each other.

We all lined up and I was still not feeling like I was moving smoothly so was going to be very happy if I could just pull out a 30mins today.  I was thrilled that Paul was here today as it would give me someone to push with.   Gun goes off and away we go.  I try to find a good pace that I feel I can hold for the whole 5km and as I went through my first km in 5:38 I felt I had done the right thing.   I knew Paul was going to hang back for the first couple of kms and then pick up the when I saw I had dropped my pace at 3km I started to push harder as I expected him to come up behind me at any time.

At 4km I checked my watch and quickly calculated that if I really worked hard I just might pull off a high 28mins ... which totally threw me.  I came round for the last turn and really worked hard and I was thrilled to finish in 28:43 ............. WAHOOOOOOO  more surprising was my avg heart rate was 157  ... shows I am starting to get my fitness back.  YUS.

5000m race data

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