Saturday, February 15, 2014

16km along the walkway

I procrastinated this morning.  I got up at 7am but went back to up at 8am had a large drink and went back to bed...but at 8.30 I finally talked myself out from the covers and into my shoes.  Is it apparent now that I was not looking forward to this walk.

My Right ankle has been sore for a couple of days and the tips of my toes too, so I was a touch worried about doing 16km on them.  Pleased to say the ankle held out til I got home but my toes....another story.

I also decided to try out my new pants/bottoms.  NZ we call them scrungies and here they call them bummers.  I had been nervous wearing them at the track as I feel like I am wearing undies but thought today as I will be walking alongside the beach I wont look so out of place.  These turned out to be amazing to walk in and I will buying a second pair and just training in them all the time.  LOVE them.  Who cares that my legs dont look as good as they used to.....I am more concerned with comfort now.

The was tough but not a slog.  I stopped a couple of times to stand under the showers.  It was getting pretty hot and I was struggling to keep cool.  I also had to take a detor which meant stopping for traffic a few times too.  At 8km I stopped and took a gel and a long drink.  My ankle was starting to ache so I gave it a rub.  When I started up again my toes really hurt and I was worried that I wouldnt make it back because of this.  The sea breeze had picked up and so there were times I found my self leaning into it and I would feel my pirofomus start to hurt.  So it was a timely reminder to check form and get the head back into it.  I was hoping to get a good pace and just stick to it for the whole walk...looking at my km would seem I did just that.

I was never more pleased to see the end of this walk.  I hit stop and my legs just felt like they wanted to buckle under me.  My poor toes were hurting badly.  They felt like they had been hit with a hammer.  I guess this means that I am rolling off my foot and pushing off with my toes.

I got home and stripped down to my tank top and bummers then went and stood in the pool for was cold enough to be soothing on my legs and to cool me down.

Total time was 1:42:04 and I was very surprised with that and happy with that.  Avg heart rate 151 avg pace was 6:23

boy I need some sun on those legs!

16km data

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