Tuesday, January 08, 2013

3km Fartlek - frist session for the year

After 15 wonderful days with my son, it was time to drop him to the airport for his homeward journey and for me to start my training.  I decided to join everyone at the track and so zipped off along the motorway from the airport.

It was not as hot as expected....about 27 degs and 69% humidity so I hoped that I wouldn't struggle today.

I started out and felt good....stiff...but good.  But after the recovery 500m I struggled to get going again and felt like I had not really increased much speed wise.  ( my data says I had but I didn't feel it)  I pressed on for the last km and really tried to push myself for my last fast 500m.  Heart rates shows I was pushing and my breathing showed I was pushing but my splits were almost exactly the same as the 2km.

Total time was 17:33 and I am ok with that.  I can only but get quicker from here.

1st km 5:32
500m  3:09
500m  2:52
500m 3:09
500m 2:50

3km Fartlek - first session for the year

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