Sunday, January 20, 2013

3000m South Queensland Regional Cup 1

Today I headed into Brisbane with Robyn for the 3000m track walk which was part of the South Queensland Regional Cup (race meet 1)

When we left I checked the weather for Brisbane and was shocked to see it was going to get up to 37 degs  EEEKKK  I felt my knees buckle at that!  So it was quickly decided that seeing as this was a team race and it was more about getting points than a fast time.  I resolved to just turn my legs over and just finish.  I was entered into the Open Grade along with my team mate Tash.  So depending on our placings...our best points we could get were 22 (12 for 1st and 10 for 2nd)

We all lined up on the track and quickly sussed out who was in what grade.  There was one other team in the Open but we both felt confident we could get this.  Katya was in a tougher grade but we all knew she had the training under her to place 1st or 2nd ..... so could gain us 12 or 10 points. 

Away we went.  I took it very conservative for my first km and still started picking off walkers one by one after the first lap and caught tash on the 2nd lap, we gave each other the thumbs up as we passed.  I was feeling ok, the heat was intense but as I started on the 2nd km my stomach issues flaired up and I was in pain. 

I was still going to finish this race no matter what as it was a team thing.  So I slowed down for the next km and managed to get myself sorted out.  The last km I had one of our junior walkers just ahead of me and so I tried hard to pick her off and I did gain on her...until she got the bell and away she went. But it was nice incentive to have her there to try to pick off.

so total time was 17:39 and Tash and I gained 22 points for the club!!!!  I am rapt that Tash enjoyed her walk today that she is going to start coming to the track on Tuesday to join us in our training.  It wont be long until she is kicking my butt but for now, I will love having her and Kay to help push me along out there.

The Gold Coast Regional walk team - all doing the Bolt Pose!!! lol

race data for the 3000m

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