Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 x 800/200

Yay, its an overcast day.  In Gold Coast terms....its a wee bit chilly lol I checked my cell phone when I got home and it was 24degs and 64% humidity.  Gosh almost normal weather.

I got to the track and did 3 laps to warm up.  Kay decided she would follow me and try my workout as well.

I quickly explained to her how its done.....800m then stop for 30secs, go hard out for the next 200m.  Rest/Stop for 2mins and repeat.  Not sure if she will be keen to do it again or not .... lol but she sure felt it.

I actually felt good tonight.  Not fast or anything, just good.  Hip was a little stiff but not sore.  I got stuck into it and pushed hard for the 200m.  I am really pleased with the end result.  Now to just be able to do that time with it all lap after lap.

1km  4:33:4 + 1:01:6 = 5:35
2km 4:33:3 + 1:02:8 = 5:35
3km 4:33:1 + 1:00.8 = 5:33

Total 16:43

Now if I could do that time this Saturday I would be a very very happy person.  Reality....I will be really happy if I can go under 17:30

3 x 800/200

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