Monday, November 26, 2012

a tentitive slow 5km

I have had a whole week of NO walking except for a gentle stroll with Shane.  I have been using a foam roller each day on my hip (TFL Muscle) and sitting on ice each night and was disappointed that today it didnt feel that much better. 

So I decided that I would do a very gentle 5km.

I started out from home and headed towards the walkway.  A few road crossings slowed my first km but in truth, I couldn't have gone any faster if I had wanted to.  I was so shocked to see that I was struggling to average 6.30/km pace.

I have gained more weight and am now at my heaviest in 3 years...that alone depresses me.  So its only obvious that its going to slow me down.  Plus my coach has just figured out (remembered) that I have pretty bad feet due to operations as a teenager.....he discovered that having the 2nd toe longer than the big toe it causes a lot of issues...specially with hamstrings and glutes.....hmmm funny that.  So I just have to face that what style I have is what I have.  Trying to make my body mould to how a r/w is ... is not going to work for me and the more I try the more injuries I get.

So I struggled on to complete my 5km.  Yes my TFL hurt for the first km but then it settled...only I was so stiff and chunky that I felt really off.  Probably just a really bad day ... and we all do get them.

5km done in 32.22

Tentive 5km

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