Wednesday, March 02, 2011

5km series - Kateri Drive

Today was meant to be a x-train day for me but seeing as my coach had given me Tuesday off (10km) due to my Migraine ... I thought I would go out and do the Richmond 5km ....Its also the last one I can do as I start waitressing next week and the series stops at the end of March as day light savings stops and so it will be too dark.

Seeing as I had such a great walk on Monday and that was with the headache...I felt sure I would have a great walk today. My migraine had finally stopped and I thought I felt fine. It had been pouring with rain all morning and was really really windy. With huge winds through the night too. It was nice that it cleared up and become really muggy and hot...with the wind still there.

We all lined up and some of us were chatting at the back and so when we started we got caught behind the big group of walkers. It took about 400m to get past and start into a good pace. This was a nice flat course and one that I felt I could have a good chance at hitting a low first km was under 6mins and the 2nd was quicker...then the wheels feel off everything. At about the 2.75 km mark I started getting spots in front of my eyes and my head started to swirl. I felt terribly nauseous and was struggling to walk a straight line. I slowed up and as we turned on the main road again we had our typical evening head wind. With some good gusts that were really knocking me about. It was the same for all of us, but I did slow down alot. I pushed on through and thought...its only one km to go......I know I can do that. By now my vision was terrible and I was feeling really badly......I was breathing very hard yet my heart rate didnt seem to show I should have been.

I crossed the finish line and quietly slipped away into the park and found a quiet spot to lay down. I lay on the cool grass for about 5mins and slowly started to feel better. I know what was wrong and I guess hindsight ... it was silly of me to have walked tonight. This migraine had turned out to be one of those "bad" ones...and so I had taken lots more medication than I normally do. I hate to take pills of any kind, so really resent taking them for the migraines as they do knock me around and make me very "foggy" headed for a couple of days.

So the time tonight was still a fast time 29:01

5km series - Kateri Drive

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