Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First track walk on the new track

I got to the track a little earlier than I thought I would.  I had managed to start work early so was able to leave 15mins early too.  I had not decided what I was going to do and when I got there the others had already started their walks.  They were doing some thing I have NEVER done and I figured I would join in with them.  I missed the 1900m but I started at the next drop.

I was very aware that my hamstring was still tender and I didnt want to do anything that would strain it so I had already told my self to NOT push it tonight and keep my speed in check and just pace myself.  The new track is so spongy and was actually kind of bouncy.   My breathing was hard tonight but my heart rate was low ... shows I did keep my self in check...but the last set even though I thought I kept myself in check ... it was faster than I wanted and my hamstring did grumble through it.

So what is this odd work out.

1500 - 8:27
1100 - 6:15
700 - 3:54
300 - 1:39

I am very pleased with this.  My max heart rate was 170 and my avg was 155 (this is very good)

1500 m data
1100 m data
700n data
300m data

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