Saturday, December 21, 2013

10km along the walkway

Wow, what a week its been.  Trying to fit in two weeks of work into one, getting through an audit in the office and being 1 person down in the office .... phew!  But we got through it and Friday rolled around with out too many hitches in the office.....all though we were rather distracted by other news in the office.

My walking week consisted of early morning starts -  So Tuesday was an 8km and then again on Thursday.  Both went ok...nothing startling.  My coach has asked me to slow it down a bit at the moment.  We are just being watchful of my right hamstring as I have had tendon pain for a few weeks now and we are unsure if it is the tendon or the nerve going down through the piroformus.  It doesn't bother me too much while I walk...just a dull ache.  It hurts more when I have stopped.

Today was 10km - I was determined to sleep in today so I knew I was going to do my walk in the afternoon.  When I got up this morning, I stood up and the bottom of my right foot felt really tight and as I stood and put weight on my foot it felt like I was pulling my foot along the edge of the arch.  I made sure I wore sneakers today...but it hurt all day.  Well....tempt crept up to 30 degs and at 4pm was still that....phew it will be hot.  I filled up my water bottles and put my water belt on.  I new I was going to need it.  I was a little nervous about my foot, my hamstring had been doing odd quivering like a nerve spasm during the day but I figured worst case...i would stop and come home.

Foot held up ok for the walk.  I had a slight back breeze on the way out but as i turned at 5km and walked into felt much stronger......but it was cooling.  By about 7km by glute and top of hamstring was starting to ache and my psoas was hurting on both sides.  Not enough to make me stop but enough to slow me down and I just went with it.

I have 16km on for tomorrow...........for that I am a tad nervous.  I am sure I will be fine.

10km walk

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