Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is finally over!!!! Bring on 2014

I had my final racewalk session of the year.  I went to the track to join up with Kay and some of the kiddies.  While they did a 3km walk, I did 5km.  It was nice and overcast, about to rain so that made it rather muggy.  While temp was down humidity was up...I cant get a break hey LOL.  I started out and just wanted to get to a nice pace.  Something I little more than I have been doing but not a race pace.  My hamstring zinged me a couple of times but nothing that lasted for more than a moment or two.  It was an ok walk at about 90% effort.  Total time was 29:37 then after I had finished, I watched the others doing their 200m.  After 3 kay had enough and suggested I might like to chase the young ones for their last 200m.  So I walked over and set them going.  The took off like jack rabbits but as the corner straighten they started to slow and I nearly mowed over them LOL...so I went out 3 wide and raced them home.  Surprisingly Koby and I were even as we crossed the line.....56 secs ....... cripes I will take that!!!


My Year totals are :-

 Activity Type Distance in Km
RaceWalking 1,089.74
 Running 10
 Casual Walking 30.5
 Elliptical 20
 Indoor Cycling 25
No Watch Walks 30
 Summary 1,205.24

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