Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I decided to head out and do a 5km walk.  I picked the normal round the block course.  It is a slightly undulating  course so I decided to take it easy....and really take it easy.

I started out and completed the first km in 6.26....see nice and easy....yes it is up hill but I till took it quietly.  y shins were fair screaming!!  I found that if I walked with a shorter stride, my hips didnt drop too much and so I was able to keep the pain in my hip and IT band and a minimum.  Around the 3km mark I had some pretty good sharp twangs but they passed and I just slowed down a little more.

I headed for home and tried very hard to not push myself.  My hip was aching but no more sharp pains.

Total time was 30:36  avg heart rate was 151

I felt very heavy and chunky today but I guess that is to be expected.

5km waimea and vanguard

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Sarah said...

Heavy and chunky! I like that! Just the way to describe how I'm feeling too! I also am around that pace right now. Get the legs sorted out and I have no doubt you'll be back where you were, and then some.