Wednesday, May 02, 2012

6km out and back atawahi

I was not feeling it today.  Even though it was sunny I still felt really cold (stop chuckling Tammy! lol ) it was 14 degs but there was a chill in the air and I am a sook when it comes to cold.  I have not been able to get warm all day.

I headed out along Atawhai as this would give me the best indication of how I will go on Sunday.  The first km felt like I was walking in sticky mud....I felt really stiff and clunky.  I got out to the 3km mark and turned back.  I was just starting to feel sharp pains in my left glute and I tried hard to engage my glute meds but the pain stayed. It didnt get worse so I kept walking.    I was not pushing hard today and I did find that my breathing was better.

I was pleased to finish the 6km and I found that once I finished my glutes hurt more while just walking back to the car.

total time for 6km 34:45 avg heart rate 154

Doesnt bode well for a fast race on Sunday, but it will be nice to just be out with mates.

6km out and back atawahi

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Tammy said...

Yup, still laughing...14C is SO warm. I would get pretty hot doing a workout at 14C right now 'cause I'm used to about 5-10C at the moment. LOL!

Good luck in the race tomorrow :).