Thursday, May 31, 2012

6km emerald lake

Got up early this morning and headed down to Emerald Lakes.  Its a nice flat, paved area that I can walk with out too many hassels......a couple of rises but nothing major.

Today shane came with me and so I told him to turn back when the path ends at 2km and that I will walk around til I hit 2.5km.  I will turn back go past him and then once I reach the car turn back to met up with him again.  I was hoping to do 6km.

We started out (the photo is off the start point)  and just then a shower of rain came over.  I was not too was about 15degs at 7am....NICE!!!  by the first km I was feeling so sluggish....I was slow and heavy and not enjoying the walk at all.  BUT nothing was hurting so thats a good thing.  I was also testing out some new shoes.  We had found some Saucony shoes that I just LOVE for $80 at Harbour Town - they are black!

On my way back I was feeling more in style and more fluid.  Still very unfit and did wonder how I will go with the 5km this weekend.  But time will tell.

time was 36:37 for 6km

6km emerald lake

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