Friday, June 01, 2012

8km Emerald Lake

I woke up today and my body told me I had racewalked yesterday.  My butt was sore and my back was hurting.....not in a bad way....just in away that showed me muscles had been used.

Today we started out at the entrance way so I could try to get a straight 4km out and then turn back.

Again at the same point on the walk way, my pace dropped off to 6:30min/km pace and I felt like I was walking in thick mud.  I did wonder if it had a small up hill gradient...but it seems not.  Its just me!  I kept to the same pace as the day before and hit the 6km mark at about 2 seconds slower.

I felt like a slug again .. but I decided it was better not to push it today as it was just training.  Although my heart rate says other wise..I didnt push it at all.

total time for 8km was 48.53 ..... avg heart rate 164 but max got up to 182!!! OMG!

8km Emerald Lake

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