Sunday, June 03, 2012

5km Australian Masters

I got up early to get ready for my first Australian race.  I have joined up with Australian Masters and was able to race for a medal today.  I also wanted to get there early to met up with the walkers and start to make friends.

I quickly spotted Robyn and made my way over to her and she happily introduced me to other walkers.  It will take me a while to remember everyones names but Dave was very keen that I put my hand up and actively get involved with the admin side of the club and I said I would once I was settled.

Today we had Dane and Rachel Tallent along with 5 others of the AIS as they were up this way on a training camp (I think)  it was going to be awesome to be racing along side these speedy young ones.

Race started and I just went as fast as I could with out totally gasping for air.  First km was done in 5:41 (ignore the km splits on my watch as I didnt take it off auto lap...doh)  It was a 500m out and back course in the shape of a L with 3 speed humps along the way.

The race was judged and I was told after I had a lovely fluid style.

I managed to pick up for a sprint finish as I really wanted a sub 29 min for my first step out.

total time was 28:46 ....... not my fastest but with all considering......lack of fitness and the weight gain...its not bad.

Photo of 1st and 2nd Masters 40 - 44 womens

5km Australian Masters 

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