Sunday, June 24, 2012

10km walkway

10km was up for today.  I woke up and I felt shattered so decided to just enjoy the walk.  While out on my walk I realised that this has been my longest break and that my pushing myself to do training walks in times that I was last doing was only going to end in tears and injury.  Plus my coach has been trying to tell me to slow it down on longer walks to get the benefit of the endurance.

So starting with todays walk.........unless told other wise by my coach......I will stick to 80% effort while out on 10km + walks.

I took water with me this time and managed much better.  Plus it was 9am which also helped.  The walk way was super busy and it became very apparent to me that it was also a fashion parade.....FULL make up and matching outfits was the required attire!  lol

My glutes started to hurt at 8km and it was an effort to continue on for the last two kms.  They hurt in a good way ...not an injury way.  So shows that I am trying to use them.

10km time was 1:02:03 avg heart rate 149  (much better!)

10km walkway

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