Monday, July 02, 2012

9km walkway

Well one whole week with ZERO excuses really, busy with work, raining, lack of motivation bla bla bla but now that I am unemployed I figured that I best start back into it as I now have my days to train and try to claw some fitness back.

I just decided to head to the walkway and do 8km...not the 8km that was on my program (4 x 2km)  but I figured that at least if I do the distance its a start.  But when the 8km clicked over I was over a km from home so I just kept going til 9km.

I have had a horrid blocked ear for the last week and it played up badly this weekend (traveling up the mountain didnt really help much)  It kind puts me off my balance a little so walking was a struggle today.  I tried to keep an even pace and think I managed that ok.  My glutes started hurting at 6km so was pleased to stop at 9km.  While out walking I passed a man who was power walking and he nodded and smiled...but when I passed him a second time he waved and signaled for me to stop my watch and chat.  Turns out he is an organizer of the masters walkers here and was very keen to have me come along.  He was also in Sacramento and is heading to Brazil next.  His name was Patrick, and he has invited me to come along to the 5km races on Sundays (first sunday of each month)  So I will try to find those and go :)

Time for today was 55.20 - avg pace = 6:09 with avg hr = 147

Now I just need to find my motivation and passion again.  But for now, I think it more important to put my husband first and spend some much needed quality time with him when I can....rather than out pounding pavements on my own all the time.

9km walkway 

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