Monday, July 30, 2012

10km club handicap Brisbane

I got a lift with Kay and Robyn today for this race.  We headed off to Brisbane at 6.30am for a race start of 8am.

It was freezing!! it reminded me of winter racing back home.  I really didnt want to take my long sleeve top off but I knew that I warm up fast.  When we started out I felt very stodgy and heavy and felt that this was going to be a tough walk.  The course was nice and flat and was a 500m out and back.  I watched Dave measure the course before we started and then again once the faster guys had finished.  So even though my watch shows it being was def 10km.

I have been having some terrible GI issues and we kinda think it is the milk here...but that is really only guessing. So I am nervous during races at present.  I concentrated hard on using my arms more and keeping my shoulders down and that really helped pick up the pace and keep me going.

I was really surprised to go through 5 km in 28.26 and thought that if I can keep this pace up I might actually go faster than a couple of weeks ago.  I have only had two training walks in the last week or I was expecting this to be hard and bad.

I am really thrilled to say that I came through and finished with a 56:59 for 10km .... again nearly a min faster. (Dont be expecting this every week Coach!!)

so now I know I am not too bad for Adelaide.  I just have to book my flights now.

10km club handicap Brisbane

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