Thursday, August 23, 2012

10km Queensland State Champs

I got picked up at 5.45am by Kay and we headed off into Brisbane for the 10km race.  Its over hour drive and is a great time for chatting and getting to know everyone in the car.

When we got to the park it was freezing.  It was about 5degs and I was not keen to race in my race top.  But the hour we had it warmed up alot and I was pleased that I did keep my long sleeve off.

As I was not able to push hard and actually race this one, I figured that I would just tick along and enjoy the walk.  I knew the Masters Record was just under 60mins but I was trying not to think about that.    I was happy enough to pass through 5m in 29mins and I just ticked along at a steady pace.

To my surprise I finished in 58:02  not too bad all considering.  So I got the masters record......but for some reason the club put me and kay down as open women and not masters as we had entered.  So we have to wait now to see if they will award me it.

10km Queensland State Champs 

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