Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 x 400m track

I am probably driving my poor coach to drink.  He has done his job.....written me a program....re written my program......thrown it away and tried a 3rd one.  ......  but again, I fall off the page and do something that is in next weeks slot.  

Working full time and fitting in training is proving to be more challenging than I thought.   I had not factored in driving times to and from work...how tired I would be, how sore I might be from Gym or walking.  Trying to cook dinner ..... seems totally unfair that Shane should wait until 8pm at night to eat dinner but its sooo hard to cook and then wrap it up and go out while all the time you are starving and just want to sit down and enjoy.

Anyhow...I digress....Tonight I drove from work to the track 30km but at 5pm its peak traffic and LOTS of traffic.  I was meant to do an 8 km fartlek or a 10 or 12km walk.  My body was feeling stiff and sore from the Glute blasting at the gym so the fartlek was NOT appealing.  The others at the track thought to do 400ms and so  as I noticed that was on my program for next week.....I would try that.

Paul is faster than me over short distance and so when we started he was about 10m a head of me.  I tried sooo hard to keep up but by the last 400m he was a good 20m a head and I was slowing fast.  My lungs were somewhere on the track behind me and the only fast twitch muscle in my body was cowering behind a bush near my car!!!!

here are my 400m times


heart rate was not as high as I expected it to be.  I was pushing hard and breathing hard but I had nothing to give.

6 x 400m track 

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