Sunday, June 17, 2012

10km out and back

Ok.....time to start back with training.  I had done a 5km walk last night at the Gym on the treadmill.  Mainly due to pulling something in my stomach while dragging my 30kg suitcase out of my I decided to play it safe and walk on the treadmill.  Then after I did a gentle weights work out.

Today it was a 10km walk.  I started out from home and Shane joined me on the bike.  I knew it wouldnt be a fast walk and I really just wanted to check out the track that I will be using most days.  Plus to check out how far I can go.

First discovery.......while on the measured 2km path..there are water stops every 200m but once off the path..there are NONE!!!  mental note - carry water.  When we left the path way at 2.5km I found myself walking along the edge of a one way street that just went for miles.  Turns out its part of the Gold Coast Marathon course.  I got 3km out of it and it was still going dead straight ahead.  It had a few rises along the way but nothing major.  I turned at 5km and headed back.  By 6km I could feel I was starting to get into trouble as I had not drunk from any of the drink stations and I was very very dry!  I was slowing down and starting to struggle.  As I got closer to the park I sent Shane ahead to spot the first water fountain.  After that I started to come right but I only had 2km to go.

The good news was....NO pain!  yay

Time was 1:01:05 with an avg pace of 6:06 avg heart rate 154

10km out and back 

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