Sunday, May 06, 2012

NZ Masters Athlete of the Year - WALK

Before they started the prize giving for the Shoe Clinic Nelson Half Marathon, they had decided to present myself, Neroli and wendy our 10,000m awards from the South Island Masters Games.  As our NZ Masters Age Grade records have been acknowledged they wanted to present us with our special medals.

And I was really happy with getting awarded the above....but what came next was the shocker of the day.

As I was about to leave and go back to sit down Derek says to me to stay and then pulls out another plaque and goes on to tell the crowd about my World success as a Master and then presented me with the NZ Masters Athlete of the Year - Walk and along with that was a little badge attached to it.  I picked up the bag and saw that I had just earned my Masters Colours and was totally "Gob Smacked"

the look of shock!

Plus a beautiful plaque - name needs correcting but hey...I am still so thrilled.

I had to check on the NZ Masters site to read how you gain your colours and here is what is written

 "These are an NZMA badge awarded to athletes who achieve a 95% performance in
individual events, obtain a World Title, or World Record. They are a very prestigious award."

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