Friday, March 02, 2012

10km out and back monaco

I have had a rough week. Getting back from Hobart with a full blown migraine was not the most pleasant way to travel. Annoyingly it was such a bad one that I took my 24 hour allocation of medicine in 12 hours. By midnight shane decided I should go to hospital where I ended up on a drip and had 2 litres pumped into and many other pain killers. Turns out my kidneys had stopped working and I was extremely dehydrated. By morning they let me go home and it was later that night that the kidneys kicked into gear. So just because I finished the race didnt mean I had missed out succumbing to the extreme conditions.

So my coach altered my training to suit and I was told to head out and do a gentle 10km today. I really didnt know what to expect from my body but I set out with the full intention of taking it easy...................hmmmmmm I felt good, in fact ..I felt GREAT! So I pushed a little bit and my body responded. I was most surprised to get to the 5km in 28:55 then I turned back and just kept up the pace. Didnt push my self up Beatson Road but I did stretch out for the last km along the track home. It was probably naughty and I will no doubt be reprimanded by my coach...but my body just responded so well and I felt great.

so 10km in 59.07

10km out and back monaco

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