Thursday, March 08, 2012

3 x 2km & 2 x 800 + 200

I do not like these track sessions...but I know how beneficial they are.  My head is in a slightly better space at present and so I figured that I would try to nail this one.

First up I went out way too fast so my first 2km was too quick to what I had planned.  So I tried to settle it down a little on the next set.   It was a little slower but not my much.

Then wouldnt you know it.  The wind picked up....ALOT!  it was blowing across the track so you only got a small tail wind on one curve.  The rest was either head on or side on.....UGH.  This did slow me down.

Next up is the 2 lots of 800 + 200 but with the wind not abating I didnt think I could pick up the pace.   I was surprised by my overall Km time and then to go a little faster on the last one was a bonus.  Now to hope the coach is happy.  

5.19.9 + 5.18.7 = 10.38.6
5.22.6 + 5.23.7 = 10.46.3
5.29.3 + 5.30.6 = 10.59.9

4.12.7 + 1.00.2 = 5.12.9
4.11.6 + 0.57.0 = 5.08.6

3 x 2km & 2 x 800 +  200 

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Tammy said...

Wow, you NAILED this are SO fast and I have to admit I'm 2Ks this morning were so awful in comparison....sigh....... but I'm happy for you :) :) :) :) :)!!!! You go get 'em at nationals!