Saturday, March 10, 2012

20km out and back Monaco

I was meant to do this walk at 8am, but I woke up feeling ill and had terrible tummy pains.  Shane has had a cold for the last week that seems to be getting worse and I just felt yuck.  Headache and body chills, so I went back to bed and ended up sleeping until 10am.

I spent the rest of the day painting the windows out side.  We are nearly ready for real estate to come through and then put the house on the market......much excitement there.

So once I had finished I figured I was feeling better and would set out and get the 20km done.  Didnt really want to go upsetting the coach this close to NZ Nationals.  I took it easy and picked a pace that I felt was comfortable.  I was not pushing hard to maintain it and was ok with going through 5km at 30 mins and then 10km at 60mins.  I stopped briefly at the 10km to take on a good drink and to munch a sugar block.   Then I track off for home.  I did slow a little on the way home, but I was starting to feel tired and I was having some issues with my core.  I felt really weak tonight and started to feel the effect from about 15km on.

Total time 2.02.33 for an avg pace of 6.08 and avg heart rate of 147...nice and low  :)

20km out and back Monaco

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