Sunday, March 18, 2012

10km on the track

I needed a good workout.  I had a shabby week and just felt off.  As I had a walking group at 10am I figured I would make use of the track and just do the 10km.   Plus it would give me a chance to suss out my pace and keep on track.

I decided to skip the warm up and just get on with it.  So my first km I just eased into it and then tried to stay consistent from there.  I was not pushing hard but I was working.  I would guess about 85-90% effort.

About 6km some other arrived on the track - discus and sprinters.  The coach watched me for a few laps and called out that he cant run that fast and asked what I was doing per km.  I called back 5.44mins per km .... and I was feeling GREAT.  No hip pain and no toe pains.

As I rounded my last lap I decided to sprint the last 200m and that was an effort.    But I am really pleased that I did this as it was a GREAT walk and one that I needed.

Total time for the 10km was 57.13

10km on the track

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