Sunday, March 04, 2012

3km fartlek

This morning we got up early and headed out to Tahuna Beach. My walking group was helping set up and man the run leg of the Kids Weetbix Triathlon. We did this last year to and had such a good time. Cheering on the kids and helping them finish something is obviously pushing many way past their own comfort just amazing.

After this I had to zip away to the track and complete my 3km fartlek. I was meant to do this yesterday but my Mum came over for the afternoon and it is so rare that we get time like this. So I bumped the walk back a day. I am really glad I did and I feel I totally aced this walk today!

I started out and felt great. Style felt like it was flowing well and nothing felt stiff or sore. I was really pleased to see I passed through my first km in 5:01:3 (man if only I could do THAT for 19 more km...) next was the recovery and I did slow down but still felt good. I did push quite hard on this walk and am paying for it now that I am home as I have started to sneeze and my nose is now starting to run..............grrrrr....this is why I HATE doing speed work.

Here are my km splits
2:47:1 + 2:30:0 = 5:17:1
2:49.8 + 2:28.7 = 5:18:5

Total time of 15:37

3km fartlek

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Tammy said...

WOW that is amazingly FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO impressed! :) Glad you are feeling better!