Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 x 2km & 2 x 800 & 200

I have had a rough week.  Was meant to do a 15km fartlek on Tuesday but when I went to get changed after work, I was feeling so sick and also discovered I had left my GPS watch at home.  GREAT!  Feeling the way I did...........I went home.  But 3 hours later I was sulking at not completing my walk so I attacked my oven in stead........  Have I ever said "I HATE CLEANING OVENS".........  after an hour of cursing and swearing...I have a clean oven.

Today I was feeling better.  Two guys at work are away with tummy maybe mine is psychosomatic but today I do feel better.  So I figured I would do the track session.   4 x 2km and then 4 x 800 + 200

My first 2km was not too bad.  Under 11mins but I just wasnt feeling it.  When I finished the second 2km I had to do a quick sprint to the loo.......I had been burping lots on the last 400m and plus all the fluid I had been drinking was working its way through.  I gathered myself and headed back out but was slowing now.  I would still get to the first 200m in 1min but then slowed quickly from there.  My times for the rest of the walk were ok with one set hitting 11mins flat.

Next up were the 1km's  800 + 200   ugh.... my last 2km I could feel my hip flexor pulling.  It was getting sorer and sorer.  I ended up stopping after 2 of the 1kms..................funny thing is once I told my coach..he he had changed my workout and I had I actually on had to complete 2km...which I had done.

data is below.  My heart rate was low showing my fitness is holding.  My attitude is not so much.  I am feeling a little over it all.

4 x 2km & 2 x 800 & 200 

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