Saturday, August 27, 2011

15km out and back

I just cant get over the weather at the moment. It is just magical!!!! It was a lovely mild 11 degs at 9am this morning when I headed out for my 15km walk and its already 18 degs now that I am home. wow - might have to sit out side in my togs to fix my tan lines hahaha

I was a little apprehensive about this walk, only due to its been a wee while since I have walked 15km and my injury is only just coming right. But I figured if I take it easy then it will be ok.

Today would be one of the first walks that I could really feel my glutes fatiguing. By 10km they were both feeling pretty sore and by 13km the left side was really starting to tell me it was over worked. Which again shows me I am still not using my glute as I should be...but its coming. I also suspect that my trying to leave my foot behind me longer is working as that would work the butt more.

I felt good and strong through this walk. I didnt eat before this and it is something I must address soon....I have to figure out what works for me in the way of fuel while walking and CARRY WATER!!!! I should have brought the water belt in USA when I was there. doh!!

Todays time was 1:28:52 - avg pace = 5:55 avg hr = 148

15km out and back monaco

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