Thursday, August 04, 2011

6km fartlek

This hurt ... LOTS!!!

I either went out way too fast or I just really don't have my fitness back. I cant believe that just two weeks off has set me back so much.

It was a beautiful day today too. With a good frost first thing in the morning but this melted away leaving a nice sunny day. Approx 12 degs but I found that my feet felt like ice blocks and it was hard to get moving at first.

I did a couple of laps and then decided to just get into it. The first km was hard....I was breathing really hard by the time I had finished and I welcomed the recovery lap. The next fast 500 didn't feel as easy as I remember them and I was finding as I progressed through this workout it was getting harder and harder to keep momentum up.

I really want to quit!! at 5km I almost did......I was struggling so much. I was gasping for air and my legs were done, but I figured by then it was only 1 more km to go.

my last km was sad. I was hurting....but its my first hard walk and I was not to expect anything too great.

so here are my kms

1 = 5:03
2 = 5:30 (2:58 + 2:32)
3 = 5:42 (3:06 + 2:36)
4 = 5:47 (3:08 + 2:39)
5 = 5:46 (3:06 + 2:40)
6 = 5:57 (3:15 + 2:42)
Total time for 6km = 33:52 avg h/r = 161

6km fartlek

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Tammy said...

ice blocks for feet at 12C? are you crazy? LOL!!!!! what a nice warm winter day! I'm so jealous of your weather...sigh.....