Monday, August 01, 2011

10km out and back Monaco

hmmmm ok so how do I slow this train down!!!!!!!!

Today was my second day back out walking again. I was to do 10km and so after checking on my son I headed out along my normal 10km walk.

OH BEATSON'S I have missed you ....NOT!!!

Other than aching legs I felt great and it was really good to get back out on the road again. I had forgotten the feeling of sore muscles and funny enough I really welcomed the feeling. I noted that i was zipping through the km's pretty quickly but I was not puffing nor did I feel i was pushing too hard. Jim had explained to me that my heart rate would read a bit high for a wee while due to the break so I was not too phased this time. I turned at my 5km point ...hmmmm....28:15 oh gosh thats a bit quick. Well its pretty much up hill for most of the way home so I was confident that would slow things down a little

On the way home I was getting toots from cars and people on the walk way were calling out "congrats" and "well done" was so awesome to get such positive vibes while out on a workout. I hit the bottom of Beatson's Road and look up ..... its nearly a head down bum tucked and up we go....half way up I swap to power walking and then just as I reach the top its normal walking......I pop out at the top and then its a nice little slight down hill for a km to home.....I check my watch and figured I had looked at it wrong...I am sure it said 52:?? I must have read it wrong.....I really enjoy the last km along the walkway and I stretched out and let some speed come. I had a lady pass me on a bike and she called out that she had trouble catching

I hear my watch chirp fot the 10km so hit the stop and check my watch................ oh dear...... I can hear my coach already .............. hmmmmm.....

57:58 for 10km with an avg heart rate of 153

10km out and back Monaco

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Tammy said...

crazy fast lady! you are awesome!, not so 20K today was bad, bad, bad...oh well....