Sunday, July 31, 2011

6km track - first workout

What a gorgeous day..............11degs, no frost and full SUN!!!! just a pity I didnt feel like being out in it for my first workout. With all that has happened with my son in hospital I have ended up with a huge migrane. To top off on that I have had two very hectic nights at work (working two 8 hour nights so getting home at 1am) but ...enough of my whining!!

I met up with Sharon and Raylene at the track. They had decided to do a 3km so they could get the feel for it as they are entering the South Island Masters. I just had a 6km to walk today so I decided to do it on the track with the others. I felt really stiff and ungamely. Two weeks off from walking and it felt so odd to be back out there again.

I was not aiming for any pace or time ... I just wanted to cruise around and get the first walk out of the way. The first 3km felt hard, my breathing was ok but my legs felt dead. I was not putting much effort in and so was fairly happy to see 3km done in 16:50 hmmmm seems a lot faster than it felt. So I settled into this pace and carried on for the next 3 km. It was an easy pace to tick along at, breathing was ok...heart rate was up higher than it normally would be. Muscles were the only ones complaining as they just felt like lead. But then with all the medicine I have been taking and little sleep....its to be expected.

Total time for the 6km was 33:57 with an avg heart rate of 159

(I am pretty sure I would have been much slower had I walked on the walkways........I always tend to be faster out on the track.)

6km track

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Tammy said...

you crazy woman! that is NOT an easy pace...nor was your HR in easy pace range LOL! Jim is gonna give you a hard time ;).

I'm glad you are out walking again - you need the distraction. I continue to keep you and Kayne in my thoughts & prayers.