Friday, July 01, 2011

5km atawahi - headcold

Ugly walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have caught the head cold that is going around town.  Funny enough I went in for my last physio today and Debs also said she had come down with it .... so we much have shared it on Tuesday.  Sigh....

But finally today my nose has stopping running and my head is not soooo sore or funny feeling.  So I decided to do a short walk to test out the body.

First thing..........its only been 4 days but my SHINS 2km I have really sharp intense pain in my right shin near the ankle................almost about to stop when just stops........go figure that one???  So I carried on, not looking at my watch but just going by how I feel.

I have no energy and feel very heavy and sluggish.  I made sure my style was bang on for today......yep knees locked, yep butt tucked under, yep knees locked....NO Bobbing................ok style is fine.  I get to the turn point........again I dont look at my watch as I know this route and dont need to check when to turn...and I didnt want to know my time or pace.  I just wanted to be happy to be out walking.

I was starting to feel alittle more shin pain..but legs felt like jelly.  I also didnt want to be breathing hard as I dont want to start coughing.........but I did find that it was all feeling a lot harder than it should have.  So I was very surprised to see my time of 28:55......but my heart rate was up compared to what it would normally have been.  Avg heart rate 150bpm

I will try out a small track session tomorrow and then its fly out on Sunday.  Its finally here....its going to happen.

I WILL race well, I WILL feel better, I WILL give 100% and I WILL get a medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5km atawahi - headcold

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