Wednesday, July 06, 2011

3 x 500 track 85%

I am so freaken tired!!!!! I got 3 hours sleep last night....I lay awake trying every trick I could to get my stupid body to shut down and go to sleep....I tried my sleep remedy ... I didnt take a sleeping pill as we had to get up early in the morning to train and for every hour that I lay awake it was to late to then take a sleeping pill. It got to the point that I was over eyes feel like I have arc eyes!!!!

We got up at 6.30am and went to the track while it was cool. It was about 17degs when we headed down and even though we only had to do 3 x 500m at 80%, we were sweating heavily.

My first 500m was WAY to fast and the heat felt so thick. It almost feels like you have to punch your way through the air. 2nd lap I tried to slow down and pull up the pace but I was already into my rythym and just went with it. Tammy had an optional day today so she filmed and took photos. 3rd lap I managed to pull the pace down a little bit....but it was a good lesson. I need to race smart!!!! Its going to be mega hot. Right now it is 5.30pm and its 41 degs....its too hot to be out side!

so my splits are

3 x 500 track 85%

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