Thursday, July 07, 2011

20mins with strides

First news for the day................I slept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all night too! and man that feels soooo much better.

Today we were to do 20min walk with 3 stride outs. So tammy and I walked and David jogged beside us. The temp was perfect. It was 8 am and temp was about 23degs.

Man its nice to have company during a walk plus a walker that walks at my pace!! yay. We walked along on the tree belt. This is a maze of pathways that weave between the housing here and is just amazing. Picture our railway reserve but put it on a grander scale......have it weaving between the blocks of houses instead of just out and back. Jasmin grows every where here and so the air is filled with the sweet perfume of Jasmin.........arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hot pink flowers on most of the large bushes and nearly every house here has huge trees in their gardens/yards.

The following photos were taken yesterday at the track but shows my stride and the small changes that I am trying to make.

20mins with strides

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Phil said...

Hi Nyle
Just clicked on your blog. The photos look great. I'm going to film Terri and try to sort out her technique. Problem is, I'm married to her! All the best. Cheers , remember we survived a major earthquake together. Philip Grimmett